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work: Annual Report
client: Bank Mega
story: “The Synergy of Harmony & Stability”

work: Annual Report
client: BW Plantation
story: “The Milestone of Future Developments”

work: Promotional Items - Posters & Fliers
client: Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia
story: Teman Imut

work: Calendar
client: Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX)
story: Indonesian inspiring tales

work: Company Profile
client: Rajawali Corporation
story: Grow, Achieve, Care

work: Company Profile
client: TPS Food
story: Forging Ahead with Quality & Value

As one of major Banking Institutions in Indonesia, Bank Mega appointed us to manage the 2009 Annual Report communication. “Trust” is the most important keyword in banking world, therefor we develop a story - a blend of visual graphics and content composition - that will communicate the positive impression and trustful atmosphere of Bank Mega.

The challenge, communicating BW Plantation’s great achievements in year 2009, which has becomes an assurance for greater achievements in the future. The information provided in the 2009 Annual Report were composed to describe the company’s giant leap in its business operation.

We are appointed by Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia to develop one among many promotional items supporting their new bottle packaging release “teman imut”.

IDX needed a touch of “memorable communication” in their corporate calendar 2009 - which we know as “a year-lasted printed media”. How to develop a calendar that no one would disposed after the end of year was the challenge. We answered with an idea of adapting the most inspiring local tales that has been inherited through generations and cultures, wrapped in artistic illustrations and clean graphic.

A major task for one of major corporations in Indonesia. We are appointed to develop communication for Rajawali Corporation company profile. Communicating their great development, achievement and vision in Indonesia has become our major priority in the company profile.

In developing TPS Food company profile, we valued the inspiring stories and the legacy of the company’s historical journey. We exposed the heritage, the rapid development, and inspiring determination of the founders and the next generation.